Australian Embassy would like to connect ATSI members to Codebots/ Working Mouse

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Dear ATSI members,

Australian Embassy would like to connect ATSI members to Codebots/ Working Mouse, a provider of advanced technology that employs software robots to write developer readable code.  We believe this low coding platform is a way of working in the future and solving issues of inconsistent work, on time project delivery, and human resources.

For legacy migration projects, Codebots can write up to 92% of the application, with remaining 8% done by developer partners.   Codebots produces high quality code with 100% human readable.  Codebots gives partners competitive edge and provides similar advantages which allows Working Mouse, the first Codebots partner, to successfully pitch for projects both in Australia and in other countries.

Codebots/ Working Mouse are looking for Thai partners who will match of their value or willingness to adopt same Way of Working.

We would be pleased to invite members of ATSI who are interesting in this technology and partnership to attend Video Conference meetings with Codebots on the following schedule.

(hand pointing right)Date:              Monday 11st March 2019
(hand pointing right)Time:              2pm (1 - 1.5 hour)
(hand pointing right)Venue:            Australian embassy, Wireless road Bangkok.
(hand pointing right)RSVP:             ??https://yourqr.today/api/v1/qr.go/byfM5F

What is Codebots?

Codebots is an advanced technology that employs software robots to write developer readable code. The codebots has delivered numerous enterprise projects with our target on legacy migration and custom software solutions. Some of our customers have come from various departments within the Australian government which include Department of Defence, Queensland Transport Main Road and New South Wales Police. Majority of these projects have been legacy migration projects where the codebots have analysed either old database (like MS Access), spreadsheets or PDFs and had the bots writes up to 92% of the application. Codebots provides heavy lifting for software houses.  With the Drop-Edit diagram tools, and the built up APS behaviors and elements in place such as import & export of data, GPS, and etc, this means that the developer partner works on the remaining 8% on specific requirement and custom development.

Recently we had conducted some field trials with some enterprise companies. During this experiment we did one week of custom development work for these companies using the Codebots. We discovered that the Codebots technology allows our development teams to output 9.4 times faster than regular development teams.

Currently we have three bots that we are presenting to our channel partners these are C#Bot, JavaBot and LampBot. However we do have many more bots in the roadmap and being developed. It is important for us that our partners have a technology match, and are willingness to adopt our Way of Working and a match of  the company values.

Being a Channel Partner, this also means opportunity to be channel for any project enquires or need of service delivery under Chatbots's program as well.

Warm Regards,

Pannalak Lieokomol | Business Development manager, Bangkok

Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)

Australian Embassy, 181 Wireless Road, Lumphini, Pathumwan 10330



Association of Thai Software Industry

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